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Photo of Jasmine Joséphine looking directly at the camera from the waist up. She is wearing a fifties style polka dot dress, has black bobbed hair held back by a red Alice band


Jasmine Joséphine Sakura-Rose

Jasmine Joséphine lives in the Valleys and is a mature student at Coleg y Cymoedd Ystrad Mynach where she is learning sign language. She was born in Brecon and grew up in a tiny rural farming village called Crai before moving to Tirphil and then Quakers Yard, and now lives just outside Nelson

Jaz, as she’s known, studied Geology, Geophysics, and Archaeology at Van Mildert College at Durham University, before going on to study and train in the law under the now Chartered Institute of Legal Executives

As somebody who lives with mental health difficulties and is part of the mental health community, Jaz is a passionate campaigner for better healthcare and service provision. She is also keenly aware of the problems that exist around drug and alcohol dependency and the way that impacts the mental health community more than many other communities. As part of her campaign, she seeks better integration and improvement of NHS mental health care provision and alcohol and dependency services

She has volunteered and worked for the charity Mind as a project manager and also as a lead advocate, representing people in hospital or living in the local community who have mental health difficulties

Her role as an advocate was wide ranging, representing clients at panel hearings and tribunals, securing housing for clients being discharged from hospital, and helping clients register with a GP or access further mental health services

She also worked with clients and made representations on their behalf to employers, whether current or prospective, to ensure that the employer would make the reasonable accommodations necessary for the client to be able to start work or to be able to continue with their employment


Standing Aside as a Liberal Democrat Candidate to stop Brexit

In Jasmine Joséphine Sakura-Rose we have a wonderful candidate selected to stand in the General Election for the Liberal Democrats in Caerphilly, one who not only brings a passionate commitment to core liberal values and ideals but who—as the first out trans woman chosen to stand in a Westminster election in Caerphilly—brings with her not just the lived experience of being a trans person in the Valleys, but also that necessary visible political representation that the trans community and their families across South Wales all too often do not see.

However, Brexit is the single biggest issue facing this country. There is no such thing as a good Brexit. On every level, from economic to social freedoms and protections, leaving the EU will leave the UK a poorer and worse place. And it is in this pressing national interest that all the parties and candidates who wish to do the best by the UK must make some incredibly hard, personal decisions. And so, although it is with personal regret, Jasmine Joséphine has agreed to step aside in this election to ensure that all voters in Caerphilly who want to stop Brexit can get behind a single candidate to ensure this happens

This does not change Jasmine Joséphine’s commitment or passion to fight for the liberal values she stands by and so she, as all Welsh Liberal Democrats do, will continue to fight for those values at every level, whether that is in local elections, elections to the Senedd, or future general elections


Stop Brexit – Build a Better Future