Why I Became a Liberal Democrat

Jamie Heath tells us what motivated him to join the Welsh Lib Dems.  




I became a Liberal Democrat because they offer the strongest arguments for us to remain in Europe.  In the lead up to the last General Election, Britain became rife with scaremongering politics, homes were divided and communities were broken. It was 'us versus them' when I believe that we should all unite together.

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The Eurosceptic will say we must protect our borders as 'they' are taking British jobs. However this can only be used as a smokescreen to cover up the government’s failure to create enough jobs, instead supporting a welfare state that supports the lifestyle of the unemployed rather than the working class. Europe not only provides the UK with economic benefits, but social benefits too. It gives us the opportunity to be able to experience different cultures, to live and work in other countries which will expand our horizons. In fact, an estimated 2.7 million British citizens are living and working abroad in Europe, compared to 2.8 million migrants living in the UK. So with a net migration of just 100,000 this hardly supports the argument that all of our problems are the fault of outsiders rather than of our own making. Instead, we should be looking at the critical impacts on which our changing attitudes to immigration are creating. 

"...waiting times have now become longer for those who are in need the most."

Take the NHS in Wales for example, where we are suffering a crisis from the lack of nurses and GPs. This means waiting times have now become longer for those who are in need the most. Recently, I was shocked when I heard about the Welsh Conservative party's plans to tackle this issue, which is by encouraging GPs to turn cancer patients away so that they seek treatment elsewhere.

David Cameron complains about Britain's lack of spotlight when negotiating deals in Brussels. However when the spotlight shines on him with an opportunity for Britain to take the lead on tackling climate change or the refugee crisis, he simply shies away to the back of the pack becoming a spectator. That to me represents the signs of a weak leader, which equals a weak Britain. 

To conclude, I believe the Liberal Democrats are our only hope for a strong and outwards looking Britain, where we can stand strong together creating a place where the opportunity for us all to succeed is possible. A Britain that allows us to express our right to religious freedom, where the human right to privacy is not questioned even if the Tories say otherwise. A Britain where drug users and mental health patients should not be vilified or locked up behind bars, but should be treated with the upmost care as if they were sufferers of any other illness. A Britain that cares. 


 If you are like Jamie, then you too can join the Welsh Liberal Democrats here.  

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